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Brains trust

Healthcare communications.

They can be complex, competitive, rewarding and ground-breaking. And that’s why we love them!


It’s what we’ve always done and it’s what we still choose to do.


So here we are. An independent creative healthcare ‘brains trust’ that strives to make the healthcare ecosystem more accessible and understandable and that really wants to make a difference to HCPs and patients and their families, whatever the stage of their health journey.

We love healthcare. Honestly.

Oh, and if you want to understand what we value in our staff, our work and our partners, have a look at our values.

How we do things

Co-Med has evolved from years of collective experience in creative healthcare communications.


We’ve seen lots of changes - none more so than since the digital age.

Our ideas trend with the march of modern innovations and we can help keep you one step ahead.


But that doesn’t mean we disregard the basics.

First up, we like to ‘lean in’ and understand the complex landscape and market dynamics that make your work interesting and challenging.


We’ll help to simplify any roadblocks while adding insights and practical counsel. Our creative input starts here as it runs through all stages of your project design, from insight gathering to impact measurement.


We then look to experts from our brains trust, aligning their skills and background to perfectly fit your project. If you need flexibility or scaling, it’s all effortlessly handled.

After that, it’s ideating, ideating, ideating… until we’re ready to present solutions that will always give you the behaviour change you’re after.


We won’t add technology for technology’s sake, but if it’s needed, rest assured we’re on top of it.


When you see the end result, it will have been expertly crafted by left and right-sided brains with flawless execution, making it the most effective communication tool for the job. Your inspired solution.


And if that’s not enough, we deliver your projects with the same attention to detail, passion and responsiveness that we afford our own business. 


Making the healthcare ecosystem more accessible and understandable.


We partner with some fabulous clients and brands and we’re exceptionally proud of the work we produce.

We can’t show it to you here (Medicines Australia Code ‘n’ all that!) but we’d love to tell you about it in person.

We’re very friendly and enjoy coffee (a lot), so there really is no reason for you not to get in touch! We can come to you or we’re very happy to welcome you to the Co-Med HQ here in Waterloo.


While you’re finding a space in your diary, have a look at what some of our clients have said about why they like working with us.


Masterful Commitment.

Motivating Content.
Magical Creative.

What we can do

We offer ‘full-service’ agency capabilities, without the multiple internal layers that usually express themselves as longer timelines and larger costs.


Our own experience - combined with our brains trust model - allows us to say with confidence that we have expertise across the whole healthcare ecosystem: from prescription medication to devices, from consumer healthcare to animal health.


We’re especially good at understanding the bigger picture and delivering innovative solutions that facilitate lasting connections between prescribers and their patients. We can help you with anything from a simple design concept or adaptation to a full strategic review or a conceptually conceived multi-channel communications plan. Oh, and we specialise in the design and management of HCP and patient engagement programs too.

These can be early access programs, PFPs, PSPs and anything in-between. We’ll handle all the content, creative and technical platform development. All you have to do is enjoy the experience and see the rewards that will come to your brand, your customers and, most importantly, the patients and their families.


So, if you have a product that will ultimately be used by a patient and you know what you need, you think you know what you need, or you need help to know what you need, you should contact us.


We’ve been told we’re easy to work with, very good at what we do and we strongly believe that collaboration is the best way to create inspired solutions.


FromAds toAdherence... we design and develop highly effective creative healthcare communications and engagement programs. 

Franchise Head


I would highly recommend Co-Med as your preferred supplier of any program you plan to develop – you will not be disappointed.


We love working
in healthcare


30 - 36 O'Dea Avenue,  Waterloo, NSW 2017 


Tel: (02) 8021 6682

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