Seriously. Innovative.

Our principles
& foundation

We strive to be authentic in everything we do. In our interactions with our staff, suppliers and clients, the work we produce and the people we are all ultimately here for: patients and their carers.


Someone once said “Losing money is relatively easy to turn around. Losing your reputation isn’t.”  We agree, and we guard our reputation and what we stand for above all else.


So firstly, what are the values that we hold dear?


  • Courage – to lead, take responsibility and accept accountability

  • Excellence – to take pride in what we do and always aim for perfection

  • Impact – to empower, enable and inspire

  • Integrity – to act ethically, honestly and with fairness

  • Respect – to listen, value and acknowledge


We believe in talent. Our brains trust model means we work with many intelligent, skilled and creative people. We know that they have the choice to work with us or not, and they are the key to our success.


So, we want our talent to excel and develop to their fullest potential.


This is why we believe in rewarding, and being rewarded for insights, ideas and joined-up thinking, not just hours that are worked.


We’re completely transparent, act ethically and are loyal to each other and to our clients and suppliers.


We understand that we’re not right for every client. We will resist the temptation to work with everyone and will only choose clients, ideas and products that truly connect with us. This means we can produce inspired solutions that are seriously innovative – and get the results you need.